At the highly anticipated Cloud Next 2024 conference, Google unveiled a comprehensive “prompting guide” designed to optimize the utilization of its cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Gemini, within the Workspace suite, particularly Gmail and Docs. This meticulously crafted handbook, unveiled in its April 2024 edition, meticulously outlines four pivotal areas that demand consideration when formulating an effective prompt:

The Persona: Establishing one’s identity within the prompt is of paramount importance. This aspect encapsulates the essence of who you are, allowing Gemini to comprehend the context and tailor its responses accordingly.

The Task: Clearly defining the desired outcome is critical. Whether you require Gemini to compose, summarize, modify the tone, or perform any other function, this section elucidates the specific task you wish to delegate to the AI.

The Context: Google’s guide emphasizes the significance of providing as much contextual information as possible. This can manifest in the form of a written description or by referencing an existing document within Google Drive through the intuitive @-menu.

The Format: Specifying the desired output format, be it bullet points, talking points, or character count limits, ensures that Gemini’s response aligns with your expectations, enhancing efficiency and clarity.

The guide underscores the importance of crafting prompts in a natural manner, utilizing complete thoughts and full sentences, while cautioning against the use of jargon. Although not all four areas are mandatory for every initial prompt, Google advises that incorporating a few will undoubtedly enhance the efficacy of the interaction.

Notably, the guide acknowledges that achieving the desired outcome may necessitate multiple iterative attempts, advising users to “try a few different approaches for your prompt if you don’t get your desired outcome the first time.”

Emphasizing the art of prompting, Google revealed that during the Workspace Labs beta program, the “most successful prompts average around 21 words.” This concise yet purposeful approach yielded optimal results, setting a benchmark for future prompt construction.

Spanning an impressive 45 pages, the guide presents a comprehensive array of example personas and prompts that undergo refinements across diverse domains, including customer service, executive leadership, human resources, marketing, project management, and sales. Ultimately, Google advises users to meticulously review outputs for clarity, relevance, and accuracy before utilization, ensuring the highest standards of quality and precision.

Furthermore, the guide offers a wealth of supplementary tips to enhance the prompting experience:

  1. Break it up: If you require Gemini for Workspace to perform multiple related tasks, it is advisable to break them into separate prompts for optimal efficiency and clarity.
  2. Impose constraints: To generate specific results, include details in your prompt such as character count limits or the desired number of options, providing Gemini with the necessary boundaries to operate within.
  3. Assign a role: To foster creativity, consider assigning a role to Gemini. This can be achieved by prefacing your prompt with language such as: “You are the head of a creative department for a leading advertising agency…”
  4. Seek feedback: Engage in a dialogue with Gemini at, informing it that you are presenting a project and providing all relevant details. Subsequently, describe the desired output, and continue the conversation by posing questions like, “What additional information would assist you in providing the optimal output?”
  5. Consider tone: Tailor your prompts to suit your intended audience and desired tone of the content. Request a specific tone, such as formal, informal, technical, creative, or casual, to ensure the output aligns with your preferences.
  6. Rephrase: If the results fail to meet your expectations or if you perceive room for improvement, refine your prompts. An iterative process of review and refinement often yields superior results.

With this comprehensive prompting guide, Google has empowered users to harness the full potential of Gemini, enabling seamless integration of artificial intelligence into their workflow and elevating productivity and efficiency to unprecedented heights. As the world embraces the transformative power of AI, Google’s commitment to user education and excellence in prompting ensures that its users remain at the forefront of this technological revolution.
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