Introducing Mixo, a cutting-edge AI tool that revolutionizes the web design process. With just one single prompt, this tool can build a complete website, logo, and brand for your startup in seconds. You can get started for free, without even having to provide a company name or enter credit card information. Simply enter your startup idea, and Mixo will take care of the rest. Let’s see how we can do it with ease.

First things first, Go to Mixo and clicked the “Get Started for Free” button, which took you to a question asking for a startup idea. Input a random idea, for me I entered: creating an app that ranks the most viewed YouTube videos of the week. Then, I clicked “Generate Site” and the tool started working behind the scenes.

It created a brand name, logo, site images, testimonials, site copy, site code, and optimized SEO, all based on the single idea I input. The generated website is impressive, with a logo, brand name, description, testimonials, opt-in form, and a newsletter. The website is customizable, with a page builder that allowed you to change the colors, logo, site title, description, social share image, hero image, sign-up form, features, and testimonials.

Enter you startup Idea

I then tried to test if the newsletter does work, it just blew my mind. I entered which is not the real email but for test purposes only.


Now Let’s go to our backend or dashboard to see our newsletter list.

Awesome as you can see, Ai is just a game-changer. I also can download the newsletter list and so on.

Finally, let’s publish this website with its free domain name. Go to the right-up corner, you can see the orange button publish, click on it and you are good to go.


As Fantastic as it is to know that there are such tools on our disposition, we only need people with creativity and a lot of imagination to bring to life what we have told ourselves 10 years ago that it’s impossible to do.

Thank you for reading!!!

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