Text To Video


AI video creation tools allow anyone to generate high-quality animated videos with only text prompts. This guide will walk through a step-by-step process to create a full animated story video using free AI tools. The end result will be a visually engaging video that can be monetized on YouTube.

Write an Engaging Story Script

The first step is to write an interesting short story that will provide the narrative framework. Sources like Google or AI writing tools like ChatGPT can help generate creative story ideas. The goal is a 200-300 word story with defined characters that sets up an engaging plotline.

Craft Detailed Video Prompts

Next, transform the written story into descriptive prompts that will guide the AI video generator. Specify visual details like characters, settings, actions, colors and art style so the AI can accurately illustrate the story. ChatGPT can provide good prompt examples. The prompts should align closely to the story narrative.

Generate Professional Voiceover

Now generate a human-sounding voiceover that will narrate the story. Tools like Replica Studios or ElevenLabs provide multiple voice options. For best results, ensure the voice talent matches the story genre and intended audience. Download the completed voiceover audio file.

Create Animated Scenes with AI

Moon Valley is an advanced AI tool that converts text prompts into stunning animated videos. Specify prompts, select an animation style and desired video length. Moon Valley will generate beautiful animated scenes that bring the story to life. Download each scene individually.

Assemble Scenes into Final Video

Finally, use editing software like CapCut to assemble and refine the animated video scenes. Line up scenes to match the timing of the voiceover narration. Add transitions, text, effects and background music to take the video to a professional level. Export the completed animated story video.


The power of AI now allows anyone to self-generate high-quality animated videos. This guide showed how to leverage free AI tools to create an engaging story video that could earn ad revenue on platforms like YouTube. The only limit is your imagination – let AI help bring your ideas to vivid, colorful life.

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